Meet Your Teachers

Joyce Martens

B.R.E, Masters of TESL

Master Online Educator / Content Creator

Joyce is an experienced, and loved ESL teacher and curriculum developer. For over 20 years, she has taught adults all levels of English from beginner to advanced. Joyce received her Master's Degree in TEFL/TESL from the University of Birmingham. Her high qualifications and years of teaching experience makes her one of the best English Teachers in the world.

Jayna Lowe

A.A Communications / Mass Media

Marketing and Communications Director

Jayna is the Creative Director for Happy English Class. She graduated with a degree in Communications/Mass Media. Jayna learned Danish as a second language, and understands what it takes to learn to speak another language. You will see Jayna teaching English and always smiling.

Jennifer Van

Online Educator / Content Creator
Jennifer has years of experience teaching English as a second
language. She spent 20 years living in the Philippines and understands
the Asian culture. Jennifer learned to speak 3 additional languages as
an adult, and even developed her own school in the Philippines. Jennifer
is one of the funnest teachers on the planet. You will enjoy laughing
with her as you watch the Happy English Class lesson videos!